"Everything >= mobile, hybrid apps and general creating. The need to browse/play/book/shop or start the dinner from you mobile phone is the norm. Peoples multi-platform & simultaneous screening has gone crazy".


Working in the South of England. Currently a Senior UI Web Designer for a Insurance company on their family of websites. Previously, Self-employed Web Designer, Creator of Wyz Threadz, Bread/Pastry maker, Skater, Clown.


Help companies with their branding and creating a identity for themselves / business. Logos and identity are as important as the quality of the products / service you are trying to sell so don't underestimate their power.


Camera & Photography are some of the modern day designers most important and exciting tools. Doing a shoot for products on a website or being the photographer at a wedding can spark real ideas into actions.

Web Development

Working the front end using HTML5, CSS, SASS, Photoshop, Illustrator & jumping into Javascript frameworks. Currently experimenting with AngularJS and Hybrid Apps, wanting to make web experiences as engaging and interesting as possible.

User Interface

Usability is one of the most, if not the most important factors when launching your site or app. If your interface is confusing and the user fails to see a clear path their gonna leave, period. Always interested in peoples experience and behavior when visiting my sites.


Clowning is very important in web design, if you don't have a clown outfit and your intending on becoming a web professional yourself then I suggest you get yourself down you local fancy dress stockist. Send you pics so I can user test them first.


Check out our past projects.

Some of these sites are quite old now that i have a permanent day job but feel free let them inspire you or ridicule them at your leisure, have fun.

Beautiful design lies is in the eye of the beholder...or does it!

Me or not!

What I no longer do!

Deliver pizza's on a moped, Skateboard everyday, Carry white goods up flights of stairs, Bake Breads & Pastries at 4am, Build website before deposits...

Work flow


At the initial stage all things need research and exploration. No two websites are the same, content and the way it displays on the flexible canvas of the web browser is always changing. Get to know the product or service you are designing for and your sure to save yourself a little time down the road.


As the device ration goes up and the testing time along with it i find myself designing in the browser more and more. Sure, I still supply a static mock-up of the concept early on to give the client a taste of the overall feel of the site and a chance to steer the design in the direction they foresee.


Working the front end using HTML5, CSS, SASS, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, jump into Javascript/jQuery frequently. Interested in users experience and behavior when visiting my sites. I tend to kick-start my websites with frameworks using solid site structure and versatility as their core strengths.


I always estimate my websites exactly to avoid any disappointment to the client. I always say the site will take as long as it takes to build the type of site you require, after you have given me all the info and content I need to realize the site that you are dreaming of. (relaxes in armchair)

Meet My Team.

A bit of Patisserie
Whipping up some CSS recipes
Serious Face
Reggie Red Nose
Laughs at back-end developers
South Bank Local
Former FLIP rider


What people say behind my back.


Always on the computer and has some clown issues..

Christobel (Eldest Daughter)Kid

Dad likes drawing cartoon faces and sometimes they are really good... LOL

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