SEO / Maintenance Plans

SEO Starter

(1 month initial overhaul)


SEO overhaul - report/plan. (Includes)

SEO Advanced

(6 months plan)

£159.50 /mth

SEO checkup - report/plan + ongoing improvements. (Includes)

Maintenance Plan

(Site health check + maintenance)

£74.99 /3 mths

Ongoing health checks and issue resolving. (Includes)

SEO work includes:


All websites need to be structured to be visible and friendly to search engines. You can be penalized for badly structured content. We address titles, descriptions, headings, image tags, content shift and more within your site.


We have all heard the saying, 'content is king'. Well it's true. Quality, fresh and relevant content, really helps your SEO. Match this with some good research and keyword placement and your well on your way to Google heaven.


A more technical side of SEO, we check the responsiveness of the website, page load times, security, URLs and crawler ability. We also check for duplication and parity due to Google's mobile-first indexing strategy.


We look at your site from a higher level and what is working and where it's lacking. This includes reviews, expertise in its field, authority and trust. We can only advise on certain aspects here as some will require client input.


As developers we are experts in usability. We check the user experience across devices - checking for any pain points and also looking at locality and country of the targeted audience. We make adjustments where required.

Black hat issues

Some sites may have bad practices in place from the old days of SEO and these can have a detrimental effect on your site. We check for hidden keyword stuffing as well as bad content and piracy.

Tools set up

We set up tools, if not already in place, to help monitor and track improvements of your SEO position. This includes, and is not limited to, Analytics, Google Search Console and rank/keyword tracking software.

Monthly feedback

We feed back monthly on improvements and gains of position. Checking organic search results against previous date ranges, we suggest/make tweaks where we feel we can make improvements.

Future proof

Finally we look at the wider picture and what long term plans could greatly benefit your online SEO strategy. This could include creating targeted landing pages to expand reach, regarding relevant content and blog creation.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question about website packages, SEO or hosting? It's likely you can find the answer here.

Maintenance plan includes:

Site health

General check for broken links, orphaned pages, 404 and console errors. We further check for other issues that could be affecting your SEO and report these for consideration.


Checks takes place to see whether the site requires any recommended updates to plugin or software. Make any security updates where necessary.


Test all functional elements of your site to see things are working as expected and report issues. This could include form submission, all the way to shopping cart checkouts and payment processing.


Look for visual defects, broken layouts across multiple devices and report any issues found. Find fixes and apply where needed.

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